Are you part of the NFL Club? No Friends Left?


So your mlm network marketing company told you to make a list and check it twice then call it and build a business right?  Well if you have built other network marketing companies chances are you have already tapped that list.  If you didn’t have any success at your last company it’s very possible you are part of the NFL club.  I am here to help because there are ways that even you, the I don’t get all of that technical social media stuff can succeed in your business.  Today, I’m going to share some very important techniques that you should have in your arsenal and work on a daily basis.  Because there’s actually no such thing as the NFL club in network marketing.


Unlimitted Network Marketing Lead sources


  • call local realtors
  • call insurance Agents
  • call stock brokers
  • call mortgage loan officers
  • call mortgage brokers
  • call your business associates
  • go to the local unemployement office and hand out flyers! 
  • advertise on Craigslist
  • advertise in your local newspaper, penny saver, community paper or church paper
  • make friends on facebook!  Get my free HOW TO right here —>
  • advertise on home based business opportunity websites ( and others)
  • Learn Pay per click advertising
  • learn article marketing

The list goes on and on.  Once you get just a handful of people in your business you can then work their referral network and use the drill down method taught at most companies.  So the bottom line is for you to treat your business like a business.  The minute you start treating your network marketing business like a business is the minute you will realize that your financial freedom ticket is real.  It takes hard work and in today’s market leads are plentiful!  There is NO SUCH THING as you don’t have anyone to talk to!  If you don’t, guess what, chances are you’re not working your business.  You have a hobby and you’ll probably quit that hobby just like your resolution to loose weight this year or your resolution to quit smoking or your resolution to do something better with your life.  I know I just tore you a new A hole but guess what?!  We’re adults and you can handle it!  Check out this video I think you’ll see things a little clearer…


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