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CloudZow Backup Service gets relationship marketing!

A very good friend of mine, another leader in network marketing called today and said hey Tene, “do you know who Carbonite is?” I replied yes, the company that backs up your files online onto a cloud server so you never have to loose the information. I have had them before as well as another reputable company. Well, in today’s marketplace many companies have figured out that relationship marketing can make a product go absolutely viral! CloudZow has their finger on the pulse!



CloudZow has come into the retail and direct sales marketplace only 2 days ago offering a very needed service, undercutting the competition and they are giving 70% of the profits away to affiliates!  That is absolutely unheard of!  I told my friend say no more, I’m in…  For one, I need and use a similar service so why not get it for FREE by referring others and make a commission on it. For two everyone I currently do business with in all of my relationships in all industries can use a simple service like CloudZow. For entrepreneurs like myself they can simply sign up for FREE. That’s right, with no investment whatsoever!  Couple this amazing service with it JUST LAUNCHED and you are talking about an amazing opportunity to be at the very top of something we know will go viral :-)

So, if you just want to be a retail customer and would like a cloud server to back up your files you can get CloudZow for only $5 with a 15 day trial! If you know you will refer others, use my referral link to sign up so you can refer others and make $3.72 on every referral! Can we say NO BRAINER? See you at the top!


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